Marian Jamieson

Subtle, refined pieces with obvious quality and care given to the smallest detail—this is the design philosophy of Marnie Jamieson. Her LA based studio, Marian Jamieson Furniture and Lighting, offers luxury furnishings to order, through the trade. Marnie attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where she received a bachelor of fine arts. Upon graduation she went to work for Edwin Schossberg Inc., a multidisciplinary design firm where she spent 8 years working with designers from many different disciplines. The exposure was unique in its breadth and critical in the development of her problem-solving skills.

In 1990 Jamieson enrolled in a furniture-making program at the Genoa Institute, focusing her desire to design and her love of working with her hands. Accomplished artisans from both the wood and metalworking fields taught the program with the expectation that the students would learn to produce gallery level furniture. “When you actually make a piece of furniture, your design perspective changes. I am fascinated by how things are made, and I wanted to have a full understanding of the production process. Now when we design, it is from the inside out and our work reflects our knowledge.”

After school Marnie moved to Los Angeles, where she worked with a number of furniture manufacturers before settling in at J. Robert Scott. “Sally Lewis was a great influence—her eye is impeccable and working with her helped me to refine both my taste and my designs.”

Launching her own business in 1999, Marnie’s aesthetic has remained consistent: poised, artful pieces that are at once sleek and textural, meticulously finished, with a “come closer and touch” allure. She works collaboratively with local artisans possessing enviable talent and skills in a range of production processes, including sculpting, carving, lathe turning, machining and finishing techniques such as water gilding, patination and lacquering. “The scope of the collection is a reflection of our fascination with various techniques and a strong curiosity to seek exposure to more.” Working with these craftsmen, she is able to offer a meticulous product that is backed up by attentive customer service. Marian Jamieson Furniture & Lighting is available through showrooms across the US.